Top rummy platform Ace2Three has come up with one more exciting freedom tournament called FREEDOM TOURNEY.

Grand prize amount is Rs 30 Lakh. Isn’t it interesting? Celebrate your Independence by participating in this amazing tournament and win cash prizes.

You first have to qualify in Freedom qualifiers among 15000 players. Freedom Qualifier starts daily at 3 pm and will be till 14 Aug 2019.

Once you win Freedom qualifier then you enter Final 1 tournament, other way to enter Final 1 tournament is by paying Rs 100.

Once you enter Final 1 tournament by winning Freedom Qualifier or by buying ticket of Rs 100 for Final 1 then you have to qualify more such Final rounds till Final 7 to reach final Freedom Grand Finale. You can also buy tickets for Final 1 to Final 6 by paying defined entry fee for respective Final tourney. But for Final 7 and Grand FREEDOM TOURNEY finale you can’t buy tickets you have to win Final 6 to enter Final 7 and Winners from Final 7 will compete in Grand FREEDOM TOURNEY.

Final Tourney starts from maximum 60,000 players and in grand finale only 6 players will be competing. Please check the table below for more details about the FREEDOM TOURNEY:

Day & TimeNameEntryMax PlayersPrize per WinnerTotal Prize
15th Aug – 3:00 PMFinal 1Winners from

Freedom Qualifiers / Rs. 100




Rs.250 +

Free Entry to Final 2

Rs. 30,00,000
15th Aug – 10:00 PMFinal 2Winners from

Final 1 / Rs. 500


Rs. 1000 +

Free Entry to Finale 3

Rs. 30,00,000
16th Aug – 3:00 PMFinal 3Winners from

Final 2 / Rs. 1000

4500Rs. 2500 +

Free Entry to Finale 4

Rs. 22,50,000
16th Aug – 10:00 PMFinal 4Winners from

Final 3 / Rs. 2500

1500Rs. 5,000 +

Free Entry to Finale 5

Rs. 15,00,000
17th Aug – 3:00 PMFinal 5Winners from

Finale 4/ Rs. 5000

480Rs. 9,999 +

Free Entry to Finale 6

Rs. 12,00,000
17th Aug – 10:00 PMFinal 6Winners from

Final 5 / Rs. 10,000

144Rs. 50,000 +

Free Entry to Finale 7

Rs. 18,00,000
18th Aug – 3:00 PMFinal 7 

Winners from Finale 6

36Rs. 5,00,000 +

Free Entry to Freedom Grand Finale

Rs. 30,00,000
18th Aug – 10:00 PMFreedom Grand Finale 


Winners from

Final 7

6Rs. 25,00,000Rs. 25,00,000


Make sure you check Ace2Three’s terms and conditions before participating in the tournament. It is great opportunity for Ace2Three players. Grab this opportunity and make your independence special. New players can check our Ace2Three section to get more idea about the website.

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