The Absolute Success of The Annual Diwali Rummy TournamentTM by RummyCircle


This year the Diwali Rummy TournamentTM was the biggest with over 3 Crore in prize pool. The tournament saw mass participation with over 1 lakh players participating. Even though the Diwali Rummy Tournament by RummyCircle is organized every year, this time it is structured in a completely different way.

This year, there were 4 independent tournament structures, giving players the opportunity to participate more. So, even if you miss out on one-week tournament, there are more to come. The names of the tournament were also connected to the theme of the festival with tournaments named as ‘Satellite’ and ‘Super Satellite’. The DRT concluded with mega participation with players winning over lakhs.

The DRT Rummy Man

Sathya Raj from Tamil Nadu was named as the Rummy Man winning 15.19 lakhs in the Week 4 Finale. He shared his joy saying, “I’m very happy. This is the best experience of my life. This is the first time I won the largest amount in this game. Thanks to RummyCircle and its team!”

Winners of the Diwali Rummy Tournament 2017

Every week saw active participation from the players with winners walking away with grand prizes. This year DRT winners are mentioned below.


Login IDLocation (State) (State)Cash Prize Won (INR)
Sathya RajTamil Nadur 15,11,545.15
msrao3456Karnatakar 7,05,386.58
vins78Keralar 3,52,693.29
jagdish7367Gujaratr 2,51,923.78
gautiraam Tamil Nadur 1,88,942.83
haisuryaKarnatakar 1,88,942.83


Login IDLocation (State) (State)Cash Prize Won (INR)
ashasunAndhra Pradeshr 7,52,258.85
bhagya124481Andhra Pradeshr 4,51,354.06
sivamhariTamil Nadur 2,75,827.48
jeevi6289Tamil Nadur 2,00,601.8
bhuma.mcaAndhra Pradeshr 1,37,913.74
vjuppal62Chhattisgarhr 1,37,913.74


Login IDLocation (State) (State)Cash Prize Won (INR)
kvsanthoshAndhra Pradeshr 6,56,402.67
YOGESH25446Maharashtrar 3,28,199.94
Nagu3789Tamil Nadur 2,27,215.34
sakthive1017Tamil Nadur 1,51,476.89
tataji7737Andhra Pradeshr 1,13,607.67
stp01Maharashtrar 1,13,607.67


Login IDLocation (State)Cash Prize Won (INR)
visukreddy1Karnatakar 6,63,240.81
jaguar06Andhra Pradeshr 3,31,619.96
jayakuma1998Tamil Nadur 1,65,809.98
jjjg1978Tamil Nadur 1,32,647.98
SSR121Maharashtrar 82,904.99
sandy2377Maharashtrar 82,904.99


For some this win was completely unexpected, like the DRT Week 2, 1st prize winner Kanchimireddy Anki Reddy, from Andhra Pradesh winning Rs. 6.8 Lakh.

“I am very happy to win the Diwali Grand Finale Week 2. This was unexpected! I played 3 levels and then I entered the Finale & I won. I am so excited!”

However, one things that clearly comes out in all tournaments is the unmatched experience on playing with RummyCircle. They love the game and more they love the platform. Saurav Rane from Maharashtra won the 5th prize in Week 1 DRT and expressed his experience by stating, “I won r 1 lakh as the 5th prize in the DRT Week 1 finale 2017. I believe this is the most trusted & user-friendly website. I also appreciate the RummyCircle team for providing superb customer service and tournaments.”

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The Absolute Success of The Annual Diwali Rummy TournamentTM by RummyCircle
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