Junglee Rummy’s Champions Cup Tournament

Junglee Rummy’s Champions Cup Tournament
Junglee Rummy’s Champions Cup Tournament

JungleeRummy has bought Junglee Champions Cup tournament where you can win a bullet bike as first prize. Other winners will get One Plus 7 phone, Samsung phone, Echo Dot Smart Speaker and lot more.

Top 40 wagerers will be selected for the prizes who has earned maximum points in the tournament. Tournament is ongoing and will be till 14 July 2019. The prizes will be disbursed within 45 working days of the end of the promotion. You have to deposit a minimum of Rs. 1000 to be eligible for the contest.

Player who gets maximum points will be chosen as first prize winner. Rest 39 winners will be decided based on their points. So, if you rank in top 40 winners you are eligible for the prize.

1stBullet Motorbike (350 CC Classic)
2nd-5thOne Plus 7 Mobile
6th-10thSamsung Galaxy M20 Mobile (Charcoal Black, 4+64GB)
11th-15thSamsung Galaxy M10 Mobile (Ocean Blue, 3+32GB)
16th to 25thCARVAAN- Porcelain White Music Player With Remote
26th to 40thEcho Dot Smart Speaker

Calculation is based on – Points = ∑ (Table Entry Fee X Number of Games Played)/100
So if you are playing for table of Rs 40 and you have played 10 games then the points calculated will be 40*10/100=4 points.

You can also play less number of games for higher price table. For example, instead of Rs 40 table you can play for 80 RS table and 5 games instead of 10. So, the points calculated here will be 80*5/100=4 points. It’s totally up to you how you play to get more points.

Best part of this tournament is from 13 Jun onwards whenever Indian team plays cricket your points will be doubled. So, if you find this tournament interesting compared to other ongoing rummy tournaments you ACN try your hands on this tournament.

Make sure to follow the rules mentioned on official site. Provide with your correct details and if your KYC is done you can play this tournament. Time for tournament is from 3 pm to 12 am. You can also see your points on JungleeRummy’s official site.

Junglee Rummy’s Champions Cup Tournament
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