Online Rummy – Major Contributor In Online Gaming

Rummy Game
Rummy Game

Online gaming industry has seen a rapid growth in past few years and is growing continuously. Growth of smartphone industry is one of the major reasons in rise of digital gaming.

Access to internet at affordable rates and availability of mid-price smartphones has increased the number of gamers substantially. By the end of 2019 smartphone users are expected to reach to 530 million and gaming users are expected to reach 628 million. As per one of the reports in Newzoo, India is 18th largest game market by revenue.

Every year there are many new gaming companies coming up with new and classic digital games. There are more than 250 gaming companies in India. On one side where games of new format are stealing gamers heart, other side classic games like Online Rummy, Ludo and Chess have sustained its place in gamers heart.

Online rummy is among the top popular online games played in India. Rummy is strategy-based card game which has skill involved in it. Top rummy platforms like Ace2three, RummyCircle and JungleeRummy has millions of players connected to their platform. This shows how popular the game is in Indian market.

Players prefer games which are easily accessible from anywhere, any time on any device pc, mobile and tablets. Online Rummy game is easy to understand as it is no new to India. Rules of the game is simple, and objective is clear to form group of cards into valid sets and sequences. It is multiplayer game played with 2 or more players. Such social multiplayer games interests’ gamers. As rummy game involves real money, players get more thrill more excitement in the game. Digital version of the game has made it more secure more genuine. Also, top Platform like RummyCircle educate and allows players about responsible gaming which helps players to play within their limits and stay entertained.

All these factors have made online rummy more popular among players. Rummy game industry is seeing good growth in increasing number of players and is expected to grow continuously.

Seeing the growth of gamers, Online Rummy platforms are coming up with new gaming technologies better interface and better gameplay. They are trying to meet the expectation of gamers to keep them entertained.

Online Rummy – Major Contributor In Online Gaming
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