Money Fair This Diwali for Rummy Players

Play Rummy This Diwali
Play Rummy This Diwali

Diwali is the biggest festival celebrated in India. People worship Goddess Laxmi (Goddess of Money) on Diwali day. Festival is celebrated with lights and sweets everywhere. You will find beautiful lanterns of different types everywhere. People save time from their day to day activities to celebrate Diwali with fun. They are excited and busily shopping for new clothes, jewelry, lanterns, sweets and other electronics products on Diwali.

Money has very importance in Diwali. People worship Goddess Laxmi and they believe that with blessings of Goddess Laxmi they will not face financial crises whole year and Goddess will shower blessing on them and their family. They will have good money growth entire year. People buy gold and invest with faith in luck that this Diwali, Goddess might shower money. In fact, many people buy lottery on Diwali. People make beautiful art of Rangoli in front of their house with different colors to welcome Goddess Laxmi. Entire festive occasion looks like a fair.

In this festive occasion when people gather together to celebrate and have fun, Rummy also becomes one mode of entertainment and fun. Yes, Rummy is very popular traditional game played during festivals in India. As it is multiplayer card game people like to enjoy playing it with their friends and relatives during special occasion.

Digitalization of games have made rummy more interesting and you can find same thrill and fun playing it online with security. That is the reason you can find millions of registered players connected to top rummy websites now a days. Online rummy which has grown in recent years bring scope for rummy players to win big. Players play cash games and participate in big rummy tournaments on top rummy platforms so that they can win huge amount of cash.

India’s top rummy websites like RummyCircle and Ace2Three have big Diwali rummy tournaments for rummy players every year, so that they can play and win big amount of cash in Diwali. This year Ace2Three is running Diwali Carnival Tournament of Rs 3 Crores. Whereas RummyCircle is running biggest Diwali Rummy Tournament of Rs 4 Crores where 1st prize winner will get prize money of Rs 1 Crore. This is the biggest prize money in rummy Industry this Diwali. Khelplay Rummy is also running Mega Diwali Rummy Tournament for Rs 10, 00, 000. You can check more details about the Diwali tournaments on their official website.

Rummy websites like Junglee Rummy and Classic Rummy is running Dussehra tournament. Classic Rummy is running Navratri Specials with Rs 10 Lakh to be won and Junglee Rummy is running Navratri Tournament Series, where you can win from total prize pool of 25 Lakhs.

Money Fair This Diwali for Rummy Players
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