Prediction of Rummy Industry in 2018

rummy industry 2018

The year 2017 had been a roller coaster ride for the online gaming business in India, more so for online Rummy. A few of the state specific court rulings have not gone well with online Rummy business putting Rummy Industry in a fix. Despite all such hiccups, the game has seen a steady growth thanks to the interest that the online Rummy sites have succeeded in generating among various sections of people. So, how does the future look as of now for the gaming business in general and Rummy Industry in particular? Does it look bright or bleak? Let us now see what future holds for online Rummy business in 2018 based on what it has gone through in the recent past.

The odds of more states facing ban:

Telangana, a state formed a few years ago, came hard on online gaming as they had issued an ordinance banning all games played for stakes before finally implementing the same as law. That argument projecting Rummy as a game of skill seems to have been rejected by them. So, this may just be a beginning. In the future, there may be a few more states coming up with this idea of banning online Rummy. It may or may not happen immediately in 2018. But the possibility of the same happening in a few years’ time cannot be ruled out. If it happens, it will be a major blow for online Rummy game which has already become the most popular game played online in India.

Rummy Industry – a possible career choice?

Although people throng to play online Rummy day in and day out, still it is not viewed as a possible career choice. But with the ever-increasing amendments and inventions unleashed by online Rummy sites, one cannot rule out the possibility of the game becoming a career choice in the future just like other games such as Chess, Carrom, Table Tennis, etc., Why not? Many of the gamers have started playing the game professionally and have learnt to accept the losses too in a dignified manner. Their approach to the game and the cordial relationship which is seen among them is almost the same as how it is seen in other sports. Plus, the amount of money that they win too is on the rise as various tournaments give them lucrative offers too. So, there is every chance of this game becoming a career option for the future.

Casino gaming expansion:

The government of Goa is thinking to devise a new policy for Casino gaming. This policy may come into effect in January or February of 2018. The policy may have a significant impact on gaming business in Goa. The proposed policy will shift offshore Casinos to land which will enable expansion of Casino gaming in the state. This is purposely being done in order to expand the tourism business in the state. This will be a major boost to the Rummy industry in India if it happens as being planned.

Internet service providers’ freebies:

Ever since Mr. Mukesh Ambani introduced Jio as a mobile service provider, it has started giving fellow competitors a real run for their money by various unimaginable offers. Not only do they offer high speed 4G internet, but the same is also being offered at a very nominal rate. Seeing Jio’s growth in a very short period of time, other internet service providers like Airtel and Vodafone also have started offering 4G net at a reasonable rate to stand in competition with Jio. The offers provided by the competitive service providers have prompted people to buy smartphones and enjoy internet at a very lesser rate. With the advent of gaming apps like RummyCircle, Ace2Three rummy, people with smartphones, love using the same as they are able to play the game and win money on the go, with even in a limited number of hours. So, many have started using gaming apps, thanks to the service providers generosities which will definitely spur the Rummy industry in the upcoming years, starting from 2018 onwards.

So, there may be downs but at the same time there are chances of more ups for the game in the upcoming days. The future looks bright than bleak as we have stepped into 2018. If you still have any sort of ambiguities, you can check the rummy site reviews to see how the game has been evolving over the years.

Prediction of Rummy Industry in 2018
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