RummyCircle’s Right To Rummy Weekend Tournament

Right To Rummy Weekend
Right To Rummy Weekend

Like other rummy platforms, top rummy platform is also celebrating Freedom.

Platform has bought big tournament this Independence for rummy players. Entry fee to the tournament is at minimal cost of Rs 1.

Cash players on RummyCircle can participate in the tournament. Cash player on RummyCircle is player who have deposited at least one-time cash and played atleast one cash game.

Right To Rummy tournament is for prize pool of Rs 50 Lakh. Players first have to qualify the the Qualifiers and then after winning from Qualifiers they can enter Finale round. Players also have option to buy tickets and enter the Finale directly.

Players will be given cash or non-cash prizes bases on their position and as per criteria of RummyCircle. Some players might get cash and tickets both while some players might only get cash and some might get non cash prizes.

Winning cash will be transferred to players RummyCircle account directly.
This is very good opportunity for rummy players.

First prize winner on 15th – 16th August gets Rs 3 lakh from daily prize pool of Rs 10 lakh and first prize winner on 17th – 18th August gets 5 Lakh from daily prize pool of 15 Lakhs.
If you are RummyCircle player then you have very good tournament in front of you where you can compete with other skilled players and win big cash.

Rummy lovers! Have, Right to Rummy – Participate in this tournament and make your Independence special.

You can check more about RummyCircle in our our RummyCircle section, if you are new to and want to know about the platform.

Make sure to go through all terms and condition on RummyCircle official site before participating in Right To Rummy tournament. RummyCircle’s general terms and condition will be applicable to the players participating in the tournament.

RummyCircle’s Right To Rummy Weekend Tournament
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