Desktop Rummy or Mobile Rummy Which is Better?


Playing rummy online is quite exciting and the biggest advantage of the digital avatar is enjoying the game any time you want and from wherever you want. Of course, when you are using your laptop or desktop, you are somehow restricted, but you can still play on without much issues.

But what is the most preferred device to play rummy? Is it the desktop that steals the show or mobile rummy wins the race? Check these pros and cons and decide for yourself.

The big screen advantage

One of the most significant factors for playing on the desktop and laptop is the big screen. You want to enjoy the game comfortably and enjoy at your leisure. Of course, we want to play comfortably, and laptop always gives a comfortable view compared to a mobile. So, if this is your main point when it comes to online rummy, then enjoy it on your laptop.


Some people think that desktop is more secure than your mobile. Well, the security is not limited to your device but how you equip your device. So, you need a strong antivirus guarding it, your internet connection should be secure and your connection should be stable.

If all these criteria are met by both desktop and mobile, then both are equally secure. As per the security of the website is concerned, both are equally secure and verified. So, when you are doing a cash transaction on desktop or mobile, you are in safe hands.

Play anywhere, anytime

This is where the mobile scores over the desktop. No matter where you are, you can always take out your mobile and enjoy playing. With smartphone 2G connection as well, you can play this game without any interruptions. As mentioned above, both the platforms are equally secure to transact and play cash games.

The App Advantage

Enjoying games on app is always the most convenient way to enjoy rummy. The rummy app is available for Android phones and you just have to scan the QR code on the website to get started. There is automatic account sync in and all the account settings will reflect on the app as well. The rummy application is the simplest way to tap and pick a game and get started.

The Verdict

Even though desktop and mobile rummy both give quick access to the game and function just about in the same manner, however it is the mobile rummy that wins the race. With mobile rummy you play on the go. So, whether it is an annoying traffic jam, a boring function or a load shedding, your mobile becomes your companion to win cash. You might be wondering which is the best rummy site in India to play online rummy, so here you go..

Desktop Rummy or Mobile Rummy Which is Better?
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