The Pain Points Every Rummy Player Feels

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Every rummy player is one or the other time stuck with that annoying problem that truly tests his patience and pushes him on the verge of craziness. It can be the sad plight of the hand you have or the horrible mistake you made in dropping a wrong card. The situation can be varied but the pain of the blunder remains the same. So, which one of these are for you?

The love for the Joker The-love-for-the-joker

Yes, you start a hand and sadly you don’t have any Joker. Then starts the long agonizing pain of waiting for the Joker to come in your spread. And sometimes it’s just the other way around when you have nearly 3 Jokers and struggling with the pure sequence. Doesn’t it get totally annoying? Yes, rummy can press buttons!


Oh! you are late once more       

Big tournaments make things so exciting, and you mentally tick off a date and know that you have to enter the tournament. But hey, did you register yourself on time? Yes, that’s one bit that’s often forgotten and then really adds to the frustration. With all the preparation, practice and time spent to sort your calendar, this is one thing that gets totally neglected. The next time you select a big tournament, remember the registration window as well.

Things move slowThings-move-slow

Any regular rummy player will bump into at least one player who makes the moves super slow. Of course, you have the time out session to your rescue but you would really like the things to move a bit faster. Whether it is poor internet connection or a player who is just not able to make up his mind, no player likes a slow rummy game. Why kill the excitement of rummy, by looking at a tortoise race?

The wrong moveThe-wrong-move

Now this is the other side, when you are so much in a hurry that you discard the wrong card and then regret it so badly. Yes, it can happen to the best of us and the only way to avoid it is by paying close attention to the cards we are dropping. Even with a clock ticking on your head, you should be very clear which card you want to discard. Sometimes even one single wrong move can kill your chances of winning.

So, guys look closely at your precious cards and then make the move. Even though some elements may not be in your capacity, the game is still yours to win. So, take a close look and get into the winning mode right away.

The Pain Points Every Rummy Player Feels
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